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Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

The Country Meadow staff wants to make sure that students feel safe and welcome at school.  We will now be entering year two using the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.  Olweus has been proven to prevent or reduce bully like behavior when staff and parents work as a team.

The definition of bullying is:  When someone repeatedly and on purpose, says or does something mean or hurtful to someone who has a hard time defending him or herself.

In order to prevent problems that become repeated and meet the definition of bullying, we will be very proactive with students who say or do mean or hurtful things to others.

    *First, we will hold regular class meetings to teach, discuss, and remind students how they should                 treat one another.

    *Secondly, our entire staff will stay on alert for mean or hurtful things that are being said or done to students.  Incidents will be discussed with the student and reported to the parent.

    *A student purposefully sating or doing something mean or hurtful to another will attend a 20 minute session at recess time where they will be able to reflect on the situation, the behavior, and decide on a better way to handle it next time.

    *Lastly, incidents regarding these behaviors will be tracked.  Students having multiple visits to the support sessions and are targeting specific students will meet with the principal and their parents to make a plan for future social success.

Parents and guardians play a key role in this program.  You will be contacted by the staff member that witnesses or investigates the situation involving your child.  Please support us by thanking our staff for their hard work to keep all kids safe, and ensure us that you will talk with your child about our concern.

Your child will be asked to tell an adult at school and an adult at home if someone purposefully says or does something mean or hurtful to them.  It will be very important that you take any behavior that could be consistent with bullying seriously and tell our school staff.  Our school staff members have been trained to deal with these situations when we are told about them.

It is important to our staff that each child enjoy coming to school and feel safe so they can reach their highest academic and personal goals.  Thank you for supporting us in making Country Meadow an exceptional place for your children to learn and grow!