Field Trips

Field Trip Policy

Everyone wishing to accompany a student on a field trip MUST complete an EXPANDED BACKGROUND CHECK before the trip.  It can take a couple weeks for those reports to be returned to our Central Office, so if you can get it completed early in the year, that would be great.  They can be found here on the website under EMPLOYMENT then EXPANDED CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECK.  Follow the directions to complete and payment is due at that time.  It is good for 3 years.  
You will also be required to complete a LIMITED HISTORY CHECK that can be found in the school office.  There is no charge for that one.

We can also only accomodate a certain number of chaperones on each trip.  So some of you may be asked to drive to the destination.  You will not be allowed to take your student TO the field trip, but if a note has been left with the office staff, you may bring your student home if the trip is an all day trip.  Not all of our trips require chaperones.